Countdown to Black Friday with Amazon

Want to cash in on pre-Black Friday deals? Then check out Amazon’s Countdown to Black Friday for great offers on a wide variety of items from toys to electronics, music to tools, groceries to office supplies.

What are Amazon Black Friday Deals of the Week? Known as Lightning Deals, they are short term, often really good deals that Amazon is offering to anyone for the taking.

How can you search within Lightning Deals? Each day, Amazon’s Lightning Deals offers different categories of special pricing. Today’s deals might be in Electronics, Groceries, School Supplies, and Music. Tomorrow’s deals could be Electronics, Clothing, Home and Kitchen, Instruments and Scientific, and Tools. Click on the category that best suits your search. If you are like me, and you want to see ALL deals, leave the search open to view every offer there is at that moment in time. I have picked up some pretty good deals this way.

Why are they called Lightning Deals? Because Lightning Deals are a limited time offering, usually only 4 hours, and often sell out within the allotted time. Translation … if the deal is good, grab it. I have also missed out on a deal because I decided to “wait and see.”  Oh well, my loss, but someone else’s gain.

Lightning Deals change as frequently as every hour throughout the day so keep checking. One never knows what one might find! I have seen cameras, SD cards, computer keyboards, drums, toy dolls, books, cereal bars, and pots and pans. The list is endless. Sometimes the items offered might be older, discontinued items. Discontinued items are not always a bad thing. I don’t care if my new frying pan is actually last year’s model. Other times it could be excess inventory. That’s the “deal” with Lightning Deals. You just don’t know what’s going to show up.

How can you access these deals? Load the Amazon main page,

Amazon Home Page

Then in the upper right hand corner, look for the Black Friday Deals Week countdown clock. Click on the box and you will be redirected to the Amazon Lightning Deals page, also known as Today’s Lightning Deals. Or you can go directly to the Black Friday Deals page with this direct link:

Amazon Black Friday Deals Page

Have an iPhone and want to check out Amazon Lightning Deals on the go? Then download the Amazon Deals App! Amazon Deals App

So stock up BEFORE Thanksgiving and avoid the crowds!

And what about after Thanksgiving, and you still need to pick up gifts? Keep checking the Amazon Today’s Lightning Deals. Although right now the focus is Black Friday, there’s always a “Lightning Deal” happening at Amazon. Lightning Deals are available throughout the year, with varying inventory, depending on the time of year. Who knows, in January you might even find a deal on a kitchen sink to go with that new frying pan!

I agree with Amazon: “Its never too early for a good deal.”


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Carolyn Nicander Mohr
    Nov 10, 2011 @ 08:57:52

    This is great news, Carol! I had no idea that Amazon was starting already with their Black Friday Lightning Deals! I’m headed over there now to get big savings!


  2. Dawn G
    Nov 10, 2011 @ 15:30:57

    I’m excited about the Black Friday Deals going on at Amazon. I wasn’t aware there was ‘An App For That’!!!


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