How Prime is Amazon Prime?

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So How Prime is Amazon Prime? That depends, but for me, it’s primo prime, especially with the latest benefits added to the Amazon Prime membership.

Why would you consider an Amazon Prime membership, when free shipping is an every day option with Amazon’s Free Super Saving Shipping? Consider the following benefits of being an Amazon Prime member:

1. Free 2-day shipping. Yes, free, with no minimum purchase required! So go ahead and order that $5 item; it will be at your door in 2 days. Compare that to the $25 minimum purchase to qualify for Free Super Saving Shipping. How many times have you added an extra item to your order simply to get the Free Super Saving Shipping? I have, but not anymore with Prime!

2. Instant Streaming of thousands of movies and TV shows, including selections that are free only to Prime members. Movies and TV shows are updated constantly, keeping the viewing library fresh. Want to watch past episodes of Lost? All six seasons can be streamed for free with your Prime membership.

3. Instant Access to select Kindle books with the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library. Books can be “borrowed” from the Lending Library for as long as you want, no return date. Want to borrow the book, Elizabeth Street? Free with Prime, otherwise $7.99 for Kindle. That represents $79.90 savings if you borrow ten similar priced books a year.

All this for the low price of $79 a year. The savings alone from the Owners’ Lending Library will pay for my Prime membership. Amazon Prime also allows up to four members of one household to share one Prime membership.

Better yet, Amazon offers a FREE 30-day Prime membership trial offer.  Why not sign up now, maximize your holiday shopping with free 2-day shipping? Not only will this save you time this busy holiday shopping season, but money too! Think about all the gas you would use to drive around to five stores to complete your shopping list, when you could have used your Amazon Prime membership, from the comfort of your own home, and have these items on your doorstep in two days? My gas savings by shopping with Amazon Prime really adds up.

Sometimes your savings may be measuring in time saved, not dollars saved. Consider this: Your son tells you Wednesday morning that he is invited to a birthday party Friday night. You have to work, and the kids have after school activities. When are you going to get to a store to buy that gift? Amazon Prime can save the day! By noon, that gift is bought and on its way, and with the 2-day shipping, at your door with time to spare for that Friday night party.

Need a gift for that “someone special?” Consider an Amazon Prime membership if your someone special shops online, watches TV, and/or owns a Kindle. They too can now reap the rewards of Amazon Prime. Gifting a Kindle-owner an Amazon Prime membership is like gifting him with a Book of the Month membership, with fringe benefits! Wow, I just figured out what I am giving that someone special on my Holiday shopping list!

Christmas gifts.

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A few more tidbits on Amazon Prime:

Maximizing the Free 2-Day Shipping:

  • Only items with the “Prime Eligible” next to the price qualify for Prime Free 2-Day Shipping. If you don’t see “Prime Eligible”, then you might incur shipping fees, as well as longer than 2-day shipping with the purchase of this item.
  • No minimum purchase required to qualify for the free shipping.
  • $3.99 shipping is also available for 1-day shipping. Just beware that this is a per-item fee, and not per order.

Maximizing Prime Instant Streaming:

  • Utilize the free streamings by searching for your favorite movies and TV shows in Prime Instant Video.
  • Not all Amazon Instant Streamings are free, even to Prime members. Prime-eligible free streaming is a sub-category of Amazon Instant Video, which offers over 100,000 different movies and TV shows.
  • The new Kindle Fire is a perfect companion for streaming. Simply be logged into your Amazon account, and the video library is wide open.
  • Streaming your favorite TV shows through your computer does not require anything special other than an internet connection and being logged into your Amazon account.
  • Streaming through your TV might require additional hardware depending on your TV.
  • Click on this link to discover more details on Instant Streaming with Amazon: Ways to Watch Amazon Instant Videos

Maximizing the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library:

  • Only Kindle owners can utilize the Lending Library.
  • Books borrowed from the Lending Library can only be read on your Kindle. You cannot borrow nor read these books on your smart phones, iPads, or computers.
  • Check out the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library before you purchase a book.
  • When searching Kindle books outside the Lending Library, check the purchase options to see if the book is also in the Lending Library.
  • Amazon limits the number of books you can borrow to one book per month, per Prime membership, not per Kindle registered. If you have more than one Kindle on your Prime account, you may need to coordinate who gets the free book this month!

Are you sold on Amazon Prime?

Let us know what you like best about Amazon Prime.


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Dawn G
    Nov 17, 2011 @ 13:03:15

    I tried the 1 month free Amazon Prime with my Kindle Fire Purchase. So for that 1 month I got almost all my Christmas Shopping done with free shipping. I could buy a small stocking stuffer without meeting the $25 minimum! I can’t wait to try out the streaming and lending library!


  2. Carolyn Nicander Mohr
    Nov 18, 2011 @ 18:23:49

    Great post, Carol! Amazon Prime is a true deal. I’m a big Lost fan and would love to turn my husband into a Lostie. I was going to buy him the DVD collection, but that’s $150. For about half the price, I can get an Amazon Prime membership and he can watch the entire series through Instant Video. Very cool!

    If I want to get him a gift membership to Amazon Prime (great idea!), how would I do that?


  3. how much are stamps
    Nov 25, 2011 @ 03:52:31

    i love your blog, i have it in my rss reader and always like new things coming up from it.


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