Save More With Mr. Rebates!

Do you shop online? Book travel reservations online? Do you want a little “extra back” for your online purchases? Would you like to receive rebates, but hate the whole “fill-out-the-form-and-mail-it-in” concept?

Then you need to check out Mr. Rebates!

What is Mr. Rebates? Mr. Rebates is a one-stop online shopping website whose primary goal is: “To help customers maximize their savings on every online purchase.”  With Mr. Rebates you get:

  • Cash-back rebates for your online purchase.
  • Thousands of up-to-date money-saving coupons for you, saving the work of extensive online searches.
  • Current sales and deals for individual retailers all in one convenient location.
  • A Refer-A-Friend program that pays you even more money when your direct referrals shop through Mr. Rebates.

What? Earn even more money with this Refer-A-Friend program? How? Mr. Rebate’s Refer-A-Friend program is a great way for you to earn even more without making purchases. Using the Mr. Rebates Refer-A-Friend link, invite your friends and family to sign up for their own Mr. Rebates account. Then, each time they complete a Mr. Rebates purchase, you get a bonus of 20% of their rebate. How awesome is that!

But the real question is: Does Mr. Rebates deliver the goods? Absolutely! I just cashed another rebate check, this one for $41.23. That makes a total of over $200 in cash back just this year alone! So all those $1 rebates do add up. And best of all: Mr. Rebates does not charge for membership. You get all this for free! Wow! I love getting free money!

Where can you shop online and take advantage all Mr. Rebates has to offer? Over 2000 retailers currently participate in the Mr. Rebates program, including some of the biggest brand names: Target, Walmart, Sears, Kohls, JCPenny. Check out the extensive listing:  Mr. Rebates Stores Alphabetical Listing

How does Mr. Rebates work? Once you have registered for a Mr. Rebates account, you can  immediately take advantage of Mr. Rebates’ money saving features. I’ll guide you through an example to help get you on your way to greater savings, using Kohl’s as an example:

  1. Log into your Mr.Rebates account. I bookmarked Mr. Rebates for easy access.
  2. Find Kohl’s. I usually type the store name in the search box, but you can also search by the alphabetized store listing, by category, or by specific product.
  3. Load the Kohl’s Mr. Rebates page. This page lists the potential money savings opportunities specific to the store, including rebate amount and any specials, sales, or deals currently offered.
  4. Click through the Mr. Rebates Kohl’s link. You will be redirected to the page.
  5. Now begin shopping!

Any rebate earned on your purchase will be deposited into your Mr. Rebates account. No need to fill out any forms or mail in rebate claims.  Just remember: a Mr. Rebates click-through activates a one-time code in the store’s online shopping cart. It is this code that will trigger the rebate. Each time you shop at a particular store, you will need to click through Mr. Rebates to activate the rebate code.

How do you claim Mr. Rebates money? You can receive your rebates in one of two methods: Paypal or check. Mr. Rebates issues rebates at the beginning of the month so I check my balance at the end of the month prior to when I want to receive the money.

When do I personally use Mr. Rebates? As much as I possibly can!

  • Whenever I shop online retailers, I first check Mr. Rebates for possible offers I may not be aware of, as well as the current rebate offering.
  • I book many of my travel plans online. I have received rebates for airline, hotel and car rental reservations made through a Mr. Rebates click-through.
  • I purchase items that I can get at local brick and mortar chain stores if Mr. Rebates has a better offer. I often shop online at Kohls, Gap, and Lands’End, knowing I can return product at the local brick and mortar store if something doesn’t work. It’s like getting the best of both worlds! I shop from home, earn a rebate for my purchase, yet can return an item at the local store if needed. Just watch out for shipping fees as they could wipe out any savings.
Where have I received rebates? GAP, Kohl’s, Athleta, Teavana, LandsEnd, 6pm, Altrec, Backcountry, Campmor, Marriott Hotels, Delta Airlines, Dollar Rent-A-Car, and many others. Check out your favorite online stores and see where you can use Mr. Rebates!

Want an invitation to Mr. Rebates? Just let me know in the comments section and I’ll send you a personal invite! Then sign up and begin earning rebates on many of your online purchases, and I will earn too! Don’t forget to also invite all your friends and family so you can also earn cash back on their purchases!

Do you use other online rebate programs? Let me know how you claim rebates!


17 Comments (+add yours?)

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  2. rockbottomtshirts
    Dec 09, 2011 @ 17:17:02

    Hi Carol, interestingly this is my first time hearing of a rebate deal site. Certainly a great idea and love the fact that you can have them go directly into your paypal account. Thanks for sharing!


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  10. Bob
    Feb 16, 2012 @ 18:27:23


    Just discovered and I’m interested in Mr. Rebates. Can you give me the info to sign up? Is there a cost to sign up?




    • carolbiederman
      Feb 17, 2012 @ 09:28:52

      Hi Bob, Glad you discovered 6pm and Mr. Rebates. They are both great sites for great deals. I will be happy to send you an invite to Mr. Rebates; look for it shortly at this e-mail. The beauty of Mr. Rebates is that it is completely free to you. Great deal, huh! Let me know if you have any questions. Carol


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