6pm.com: Shoes And A Whole Lot More!

Hey Friend,

Just wanted to let you know that I have relaunched my blog at a whole new site, with a whole new look! Check it out, re-bookmark the new site, and follow me over there. Lots of new posts to read, like this post, Get A Target REDCard & Supercharge Your Purchases.

Hope to see you there!

Link to the new and improved Let’s Get Deals Today Home Page.

Link to 6pm.com: Shoes And A Whole Lot More!‘s new and improved look.


Are you a brandaholic? Yet you don’t want to pay those high brand-name prices? Then it’s time to get your brand fix for less, and 6PM.com is ready to deliver!


What is 6pm.com? 6PM.com is an online discount outlet whose primary goal is to provide you with amazing deals on brand name products. From shoes to clothing to handbags to accessories, 6PM.com has bargain-friendly items for everyone, all for as much as 75% off retail.

Bet that got your attention! The question is: can you really buy name brand products at such great prices? Can 6PM.com really save your day, and your budget? Absolutely! Consider the following shoppertunities:

  • It’s finally snowing and you reach for your daughter’s winter jacket. Much to your surprise, she’s suddenly sprouted 3 inches and the jacket doesn’t fit! When are you going to find time to shop at the mall for a new jacket? 6pm.com to the rescue! 6PM.com can quickly deliver a new jacket right to your door, and for a fraction of the retail price. Check out this steal of a deal North Face jacket, 45% off retail:

  • That awesome tropical vacation is just around the corner, and you are looking for the perfect pair of walking sandals. But it’s January, the weather is cold and summer is so far away. Sandals are not too popular when it’s this cold. What to do? 6PM.com can save the day with bargain sandals to spare! How about a pair of Birkenstocks at 75% off?

  • You find the perfect Patagonia sporty black dress at a local store but it’s too expensive for your budget. Quickly check out 6PM.com’s Patagonia brand selection. You might just score yourself an awesome deal on the same style dress. Cha-ching! Savings at 68% off for you today.

  • You love Keen sandals for your rough and tough boys, but both have outgrown theirs. Wow! Buying two pair of Keen sandals can sure add up. Don’t despair: 6PM.com has a wide selection of Keens at a discount too, and at nearly 50% off retail.

How does 6PM.com do this? As a leading online outlet retailer, 6PM.com currently offers nearly 1100 of your favorite brands, with more being added. From Adidas to Zoot, you are sure to find many of your favorites with 6PM.com’s brand name selection: Link to 6PM.com Brands and begin saving today!

How can you take advantage of these great savings? Just click on this link, 6PM.com, then start shopping. It’s as easy as that! Soon you too will be on your way to getting your favorite name brands for a whole lot less. Be sure to sign up for a free 6PM.com Account to simplify future forays to 6PM.com. Don’t forget to also sign up for the 6PM.com Daily Deals e-mail notifications for the latest and greatest discounts.

Are you a 6PM Brandaholic? Participate in the Brandaholics program and you will earns points with every 6PM.com purchase.  For every 400 points you accumulate, 6PM.com sends you a 10% off  Brandaholic Bonus coupon to spend on whatever you want at 6PM.com. Woohoo! But remember: you have to sign up for this benefit within your account. Link to 6PM.com Brandaholics FAQ’s

Does 6pm.com have a “Frequent Shoppers Club?” Yes, it’s called 6PM Limited Access. What’s 6PM Limited Access?  It is 6PM.com’s members-only shopping website featuring fantastic deals on high-end products. Every Friday through Monday, 6PM Limited Access offers amazingly priced name brand items and only Limited Access members can access these deals. How can you become a member of Limited Access? Earn 300 points in the Brandaholics program and you will receive an invitation. It’s 6PM.com’s way of saying Thanks to its most loyal customers. Membership does have its rewards!

What’s the Zappos connection? 6PM.com and Zappos are part of the same online retail business. So if you see something on sale at Zappos.com, be sure to check for it on 6PM.com. Sometimes the deal is better at 6PM!

Wait … Do you want more savings? Then make sure you click through Mr. Rebates whenever you shop 6PM.com, where currently there is a 5% additional cash rebate on 6PM purchases. Need more information on Mr. Rebates? Check out my earlier post, Save More With Mr. Rebates.

What’s your favorite 6PM name brand? Let us know in the Comments section below.

What time is it in your house? It’s always 6PM time in mine!


6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Carolyn Nicander Mohr
    Jan 10, 2012 @ 14:07:49

    Hi Carol, I hadn’t heard of 6pm.com before. What a great site! I love the selection and the way the site is organized makes it easy to find what you’re looking for.

    As far as my favorite brands on the site, I would have to say Calvin Klein and North Face. 🙂


    • carolbiederman
      Jan 10, 2012 @ 18:52:05

      Hi Carolyn. Glad you have also “discovered” 6PM.com. My favorites include North Face as well as Patagonia, Keen and Born shoes, all of which I have been able to find at 6PM.com at serious discounts. Happy discount shopping!


  2. cho cho
    Jan 11, 2012 @ 14:17:40

    Great post Carol! I just scored some fierce Tsubo booties with a 65% discount! Yep, used my Mr. Rebates too. Headed back now to check out the clothing bargains. Thanks for the heads up on this!


    • carolbiederman
      Jan 11, 2012 @ 16:51:22

      Hi! So glad you were able to score a pair of Tsubo booties! Last month I lucked into a pair of Born booties at 65% off too! Lots of great clothing bargains as well. Got a great Patagonia jacket for half off retail. Love it! Happy hunting. Let me know what you find.


  3. cho cho
    Jan 12, 2012 @ 15:13:00

    Well, I found that I paid too much for several pairs of shoes by not searching for them on 6PM! I’m so glad you wrote about this website.

    My Tsubos arrived today and are terrific. 1 day free shipping – I like it!

    Thanks again, Carol.


    • carolbiederman
      Jan 12, 2012 @ 16:11:33

      I totally get it cho cho! I have done the same, before I found 6PM. Now I just can’t pay full retail for any shoes! 6PM is my go-to for the whole family! Happy shopping! The Limited Access sales are sweet too.


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