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Hey Friend,

Just wanted to let you know that I have relaunched my blog at a whole new site, with a whole new look! Check it out, re-bookmark the new site, and follow me over there. Lots of new posts to read, like this post, Totsy – Flash Sales for Families.

Hope to see you there!

Link to the new and improved Let’s Get Deals Today Home Page.

Link to Woot! Has a Daily Deal for You!‘s new and improved look.


Define Woot: An interjection similar to “Woohoo!” often used to express joy or excitement. Define Woot!: A website through which shoppers express extreme joy and excitement on getting a great deal!

What is Woot!? Woot! is a “deal of the day” online discount retailer. Each day Woot! offers one discounted product until it is sold out. Once sold out, the deal of the day is over. At midnight central standard time, a new discounted product starts the new day, and the previous deal is no longer available. Much like Cinderella, when the clock strikes midnight, that item is gone!

Mixed in with the daily deals are large doses of quirkiness, wittiness, and fun, with touches of sarcasm sprinkled about. Just reading the Woot website can be pure entertainment! Product descriptions commonly mock the product, the customer, or Woot itself. Sarcasm aside, Woot! offers seriously good daily deals!

Let’s meet the Woot! Family of One Day, One Deal websites:

  • Woot! The original One Day, One Deal website. Today it’s an iPod Touch; yesterday was a Playstation controller; tomorrow might be a laptop computer. Most items at Woot! tend to be electronic gadgetry.

  • shirt.Woot!: The daily tee-shirt deals at shirt.Woot! feature exclusive, original and fun designs that you can’t get anywhere else. Woot tees are also Made in the USA. Go check them out! Got your own tee-shirt design? Enter it in The Derby (see below).

  • home.Woot!: Who can’t use home goods at great prices? Woot’s purpose at “home” is to bring you brand-name decor, linens, appliances, cookware, and more at the lowest prices on the web.

  • kids.Woot!: Got kids, need deals! Kids are expensive! Follow kids.Woot! for daily deals on kids’s stuff priced for a shoe-string budget. The daily “stuff” can be anything from carseats to apparel to educational toys & games to non-educational toys & games. All those “must haves” and some “not-so-must-haves” for the kids in your life.

  • wine.Woot!Oenophiles celebrate with wine.Woot! Seven days a week, wine.woot! uncorks a sweet new wine deal from a known winery or possibly a deal on a wine-related product. And, to quote Woot’s website: “on the rare occasion the site features some off-brand rotgut.” Wait a minute: is that Woot’s sarcasm again?

How does Woot! work? Create your account with Woot and you are good to go with all Woot sites. Check back daily with each family member and discover a new deal. Sometimes you will find yourself an awesome deal; other times you will find yourself entertained!

A few more “Wootisms” to help you navigate this witty wonderland of daily deals:

Feeling Brave? Buy a Bag of Crap! A Bag of Crap is a blind grab bag containing at least three undisclosed “crappy” items. The value and quality of these items are not guaranteed, but sometimes expensive items are included. So is the brown lunch bag! Bags of Crap are very popular, often selling out within minutes of being posted. So if you see a Bag of Crap and are feeling lucky, grab it! It won’t last.

The “I Want One” button keeps bouncing around! What’s up? The bouncing “I Want One” is Woot’s way of signalling you that sellout is fast approaching. Buy your item now if you really want it!

Are you seeing flashing orange lights? It’s a Woot-off!  These orange flashing lights mean Woot is in “Woot-off” mode. During a Woot-off, Woot launches a new product sale immediately upon selling out of the current product. When the orange lights disappear, the Woot-off is over and normal 24-hour selling operations resume.

Fancy yourself a tee-shirt designer? Then enter The Derby!  You can design and submit your own tee-shirt ideas to The Derby, Woot’s weekly theme-based design competition. Each week Woot posts these tee-shirt designs for public vote. The three most popular designs are then produced and sold at shirt.Woot! A Woot salute to the artist in you!

Can you really have Happy Hour at Woot? Yes. On occasion Woot makes it’s own Happy Hour, with one-hour only product specials. But to get “in” on a Woot Happy Hour, you need to follow them on Twitter.

Want to spread the word about a great deal? Want to comment on someone else’s deal? Then join everyone at deals.Woot!, where wooters share the latest on “all things cheap.”

A side to the sarcasm: For those only interested in serious details, official information about the product is always listed below the Woot-written description. Woot also recommends you do your own product research and post your opinions on their User Community Forums. Woot staff tags the most useful posts and features them at the top of the forum.

Are you now ready to Woot? Have you already Wooted a great deal? Tell us in the Comments Section below your best “Woot!” deal!


In light of the recent Zappos.com security breach, please take caution whenever you are shopping online. Protect your accounts with strong passwords, and change your passwords frequently!


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Carolyn Nicander Mohr
    Jan 18, 2012 @ 16:19:05

    Wow, Carol, I had heard about Woot! but had never checked them out. This site looks amazing. Not surprisingly, I am especially interested in the electronics.

    I am debating getting the air mattress they are selling now. It may be helpful, or not. Maybe I don’t want to give up my excuse that we don’t have room for more houseguests?

    By the way, after you published this article yesterday, Carol, Woot! was a trending topic. I’m just saying…


    • carolbiederman
      Jan 18, 2012 @ 20:51:18

      Hi Carolyn. So glad you found Woot! Whether or not I am “in the market” for what they are selling that day, I check them out nearly every day. Did you buy the air mattress? I’ve been debating the same as you on having the extra sleeping space! Didn’t get it. And I am not surprised about Woot! trending .. they have been in Woot-off mode, and that always drives interest. Did you check out any of the wine on wine.woot!?


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