Celebrate Today with Random Acts of Kindness

Did you know that February 13-19 is Random Acts of Kindness Week? So why not celebrate Valentine’s Day with your own random acts of kindness. Make this an extra special day for the people around you, even if you don’t know them. You don’t have to spend a penny to put a smile on someone’s face.

Where to start? Start with the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation. It is a non-profit foundation promoting the belief that kindness will make this world a better place. It has dedicated itself to providing tools and resources to help all of us channel our own inner kindness.

Need inspiration? Each day this week the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation announces a new Kindness Idea. Monday’s Kindness Idea was, “Smile at Five Strangers.” Not so hard, is it! Put a smile on someone’s face by putting a smile on your own. Try it out, and you will be surprised by how many people will actually smile back at you.

And what is today’s Random Act of Kindness? “Send a Note of Appreciation.” Tell someone thank you for being a part of your life, and let them know just how much they mean to you. What a great way to make them feel special.

“But for the kindness of strangers:” Who says chivalry is dead? Challenge yourself to show the world your inner kindness. Show a stranger some kindness and perhaps you will turn his bad day around. Here are ten ways you can spread happiness with a Random Act of Kindness:

1. Open a door for the mom pushing a stroller.

2. Say thank you to your Police or Fire Department.

3. Pay the toll for the car behind you.

4. Offer your seat to someone.

5. Buy a lottery ticket and give it to a stranger.

6. Volunteer at a local animal shelter.

7. Prepare and/or serve food at a local homeless shelter

8. Adopt a soldier and send him a thank you card.

9. Read to the elderly at a local senior center.

10. Let the person behind you at the check-out lane go in front of you.

“Kindness starts at home:” How many times have you thought, “I wish I had said hello,” or “I wonder how Frank is doing after his surgery?” Show your family, friends and neighbors you are thinking of them with a special act of kindness. Here are ten Kindness ideas to help you “turn that frown upside down:”

1. Treat a friend to a movie tonight.

2. Offer to babysit your neighbor’s kids so they can have a night out.

3. Put a few chocolates and a special note in your child’s lunch box.

4. Make a card and send it to a friend.

5. Help your neighbors with yard work.

6. Bring flowers to someone who needs an extra pick-me-up.

7. Bring your co-workers a special treat.

8. Prepare your spouse’s favorite meal, complete with dessert!

9. Pick up groceries and coffee for your house-bound neighbor.

10. Give everyone in your family a big hug.

What better way to celebrate today than by sharing your own Random Acts of Kindness! Not only will you add a bright moment into someone else’s life, you too will reap the benefit. Looking for a few more ideas to share kindness? Check out the Random Acts of Kindness Resource page.

Better yet: continue your own acts of kindness every day! Now that’s a bargain worth shopping for!

How did you spread your love today? Did you share a Random Act of Kindness?

Did you receive a Random Act of Kindness? What’s your favorite Random Act of Kindness? Let us know in the Comments section below.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. CarolynNicanderMohr (@carpathia16)
    Feb 15, 2012 @ 22:51:15

    What a touching and heart-warming post, Carol! Thank you very much for sharing this inspiration with us. I will be sharing this post with others.


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