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Yikes! So many photos from 2011 to print! There’s Easter at Aunt Esther’s house, Thanksgiving with the family in Topeka, and Christmas in Cancun. Don’t forget your son’s first basketball game and the school play, or your daugher’s dance recital and slumber party. Then there’s the photos you took on last summer’s vacation to Yellowstone National Park. Wow! That’s a lot of photos!

Don’t go all camera shy now! With today’s online digital photo printing services, photo printing is as simple as 1-2-3, and Shutterfly is one of the best!

What”s Shutterfly? No, it’s not a new breed of pesky flies! Shutterfly is an online digital photo service powerhouse. So where should you start your digital journey? Start with becoming a member of the Shutterfly family. You can’t lose … it’s free!

Free Membership Benefits: What does a Shutterfly membership get you? First, just for signing up, you will receive (50) 4×6 prints for free. Then sign up for a Share page (more details below) and you will receive another (30) 4×6 prints for free. In less than 5 minutes, you now have (80) free 4×6 prints. Additional features of a Shutterfly membership include:

  • Quick and easy photo and video uploading with Express Loader.
  • Lifetime, secure online photo storage.
  • Photo editing tools; get rid of those devilish red-eyes!
  • Add custom photo borders and personalized back-of-print messages.
  • Easy online photo sharing features.
  • Organize photos and create custom photo albums.
  • Create a wide variety of custom photo gifts. Personalize books, photos, calendars, custom holiday cards, and more.

Membership does have its rewards!

Shutterfly Special Offers: What Shutterfly does best is enable you to print photos without breaking the bank! Current coupon offers include:

  • PRINT30: Save up to 30% off prints. The more you order, the more you save! 25-49 prints save 10%; 50-74 prints save 20%; print 75 or  more photos and maximize your savings at 30% off the print price.
  • Save 25% on all photo books. No code required.
  • Save 20% on select photo gifts, collage posters, desktop plaques, and select stationary gifts. Again, no code required.

Shutterfly frequently adds new coupon offers so be sure to check the Shutterfly Special Offers page or an online coupon websites such as Retail Me Not or Coupon Cabin before you order. You might just snap up a free shipping deal too!

Don’t forget to click through Mr. Rebates before you order for an additional 5% cash back.

A few words on these favorite Shutterfly services:

Online Photo Share Service: Share your fantastic family fun with everyone! Shutterfly’s free share service makes it easy to share memories with family and friends. They can even print their own photos from your share page. Sign up now and receive (30) additional free 4×6 prints.

Online Photo Book Creations: Shutterfly’s photo book service is easy to use, allowing you to quickly create memories. You can be as creative as you want utilizing the “Custom Path” option. Or, let Shutterfly do most the work for you with the “Simple Path” option. Either way, you are sure to love the end results. The best part: you can share these books using the Online Photo Share Service!

And right now with Shutterfly’s 25% off sale on all photo books, you can preserve those memories and have enough left over to print a photo book  of your kids for Grandma’s birthday!

Print Options: You’ve put the finishing touches on your photos and are ready to print. You have two options with Shutterfly:

  • Pick Up In Store: Need photos in a hurry? Have a Target, Walgreens or CVS store nearby? Then choose your local store when you are checking out and in a few short hours, your prints are ready for pick up.
  • Home Delivery: Got time? The best way to maximize your savings is to plan ahead for the home delivery option. Most coupon codes are not usable when using the Pick Up In Store option.

Print Paper: Shutterfly prints its photos on high quality Fuji Crystal Archives paper. Not all print services use higher quality paper, so if paper quality is important, then rest assured that Shutterfly uses a premium paper.

A few final words on pricing and how to maximize your per/print price deal: It can be a bit tricky. Should you buy a prepaid print plan? Or should you only print when there are coupon codes such as PRINT30? Well, that depends! How many photo are you printing? And do you  have a free shipping coupon? Do you have a “members-only” special coupon to use? Here’s a snapshot of current pricing to help you determine the “best fit” for your print needs:

Basic Pricing: A 4×6 print price starts at $0.15/print. However, when using a coupon code such as PRINT30, you can bring that price down to $0.10. Not bad!

But if you plan to print a lot of photos, then you might want to consider a prepaid print plan, dropping your per photo price to as low as $0.09.

One of the more efficient and cost effective ways to maximize your savings with Shutterfly is to “stockpile” your photos until the ideal coupon combination is available. Shutterfly does allow coupon combining.

Have Friends? Invite them to a Shutterfly memberships and receive (15) more free 4×6 prints for each friend who signs up and makes a purchase. Don’t have a membership? Ask me in the Comments Section below and I will send you a personal invite! Help me get (15) free photos!

Check out these prior blogs to learn more about Please Retail Me Not, Get Coupon Cabin Fever, or Save More with Mr.Rebates.

Do you have memories to print? Where do you print your photos? Let us know in the Comments Section below.


Get Coupon Cabin Fever!

Need help finding coupons? Want to save more on your grocery bill? Got kids to clothe? Then you need to catch “Coupon Cabin Fever!”

What is Coupon Cabin? Coupon Cabin is your one stop website to greater savings. How? By compiling all types of coupons and deals into one website, Coupon Cabin brings the savings to you. No need to spend your valuable time scouring the web for coupons and deals anymore!

What kinds of coupons can you find at Coupon Cabin? The question really is, “What coupons CAN’T you find at Coupon Cabin!” There are so many categories and selections to choose from. Coupon Cabin’s staff tracks the coupon world for you, saving you the work of hunting through all those consumer e-mails, online coupon forums, blog sites, merchant sites, or wherever else you might hunt for coupons.

How to navigate the Coupon Cabin website: The Coupon Cabin website is divided into three main pages: Coupon Cabin, CouponMap, and GoGrocery, located at the upper right corner of the Home page. Let’s take a look at each page and what it has to offer you:

1. Coupon Cabin Home Page: This page is where most shoppers begin their coupon quest. The Home page is further divided into four sub-pages to help you find the exact coupon you want:

Coupon Codes: Shopping online? Then don’t forget to use the Coupon Codes page to maximize your savings. With access to over 100,000 up-to-the-minute coupon codes and deals for nearly 4000 different online retailers, there’s a lot of savings to be had at Coupon Codes! Best of all: the coupon codes are easy to use and provide instant savings for your online purchases. Coupon Cabin also has exclusive coupon codes from select retail merchants that are only available through its website. You won’t find these coupons anywhere else.

Just remember: coupons in this section are for online shopping only.

Grocery Coupons: Need to trim the fat off your grocery bill? Then you need to follow Grocery Coupons. Here you will find the latest price-saving coupons to pare down the cost of your groceries. Coupon Cabin’s Grocery Coupons section has one of the most extensive collection of free printable grocery coupons on the internet. Yes, you can feed your family for less when you use Grocery Coupons!

Printable Coupons: Shopping at your local brick and mortar store? Don’t leave home without Printable Coupons! These coupons are a quick and easy way to rack up additional savings for a wide variety of retailers. Bet you can find several near you! Simply print out your coupon, and you are off to greater savings.

Free Samples:Who doesn’t like free stuff? Coupon Cabin certainly does! Free Samples provides links to all kinds of free goods: full-sized product samples to trial sized samples to newsletters and anything inbetween.  Sometimes you might need to “Like” the manufacturer on Facebook or provide an e-mail address; other times simply print out the coupon and go get your freebie.

2. CouponMap Page: Want an easier way to find coupons for local brick and mortar businesses? Coupon Cabin’s  CouponMap has your answer. Put in the desired zip code and let CouponMap find coupons specific to that area. Make sure to zoom out to enhance the range of available coupons. What a great idea!

3. GoGrocery Page: Printing grocery coupons has never been easier! Coupon Cabin’s sister site, GoGrocery, posts the most up-to-date manufacturers’ grocery coupons on its easy to use page. Simply check off the coupons you want, send to your local printer, and you are good to go. GoGrocery even adds up your selected coupon savings for you.

Other tidbits of information:

Don’t want t miss out on a great deal? Sign up for CouponCabin alerts and keep yourself  up-to-date on “all things coupon!” Coupon Cabin offers several different e-mail notification methods to ensure you always get your coupon:

  • Sign up to receive the daily Coupon Cabin Newsletter and get the latest and greatest coupons delivered right to your inbox. You can also customize the newsletter to receive coupons only in those categories that best fit your shopping needs.
  • Have a favorite store? Then sign up to receive e-mail alerts when Coupon Cabin adds a new coupon for that store. Simply look for the purple box on each store page, then enter your email address.
  • Want to be the first to know when a new freebie is available? Be sure to sign up for e-mail notification on the Free Samples page.
  • Do you have a specific grocery item you buy every week? Then sign up for a specific product e-mail notification and Coupon Cabin will e-mail you when a coupon is available for that item! Much easier than searching every week.

Have a Twitter account? Follow Coupon Cabin on Twitter and receive immediate notifications of new coupons. Too many coupons? Only interested in some of the coupons? Coupon Cabin makes it easy to follow only those coupon categories you like by having a different Twitter handle for each main category. You follow only those coupon categories that most suit your shopping style.

Shopping online but often forget to “hunt down” a coupon code? Coupon Cabin has an answer for that too! Download their free browser extension, Coupon Detector, and never miss another online deal. Click on the link and read more about how Coupon Detector can ensure you maximize your savings.

Are you ready for “Coupon Cabin Fever” now?

Are you a “couponer”? What’s your favorite coupon website? Do you use Coupon Cabin? If you haven’t used Coupon Cabin before, think you might now? Let us know in the Comments Section below.

Five Favorite Tips To Save Money In 2012

Money is like a “love-hate” relationship: Love to spend it. Love to save it. Hate not having enough. Hate when it runs out! It makes sense then, that saving money is one of the top New Year’s Resolutions for 2012.

Save Money

Image by 401K via Flickr

You can save money in many ways:

  • Automatic payroll deductions to your bank or credit union savings account.
  • Contribute to a retirement savings account such as an IRA or 401k.
  • Invest in the stock market.
  • Stuff the mattress in the guest bedroom with dollar bills.
  • Pay less for the items you purchase.

What was that? Save money by paying less for your purchases? Who doesn’t like to save money? Who couldn’t use a little extra pocket change? And who couldn’t use a little help in finding that “little bit extra”?

Everyone has a shopping list: groceries, new clothes and shoes for your kids, school supplies, yard and home maintenance items. The list is endless. But how to save money with your shopping list? With a little time, patience and diligence, you can cut the cost of nearly everything you want to purchase. Here’s five favorite tips to put money back into your wallet:

  • Shop with coupons. Whether online or delivered to your door, there are coupons everywhere. Online coupons can be printed or downloaded to a smartphone, and our mailboxes, magazines and newspapers are chock-full of money-saving coupons. Online coupon websites are a great way to find savings in a few minutes’ time. Two favorite websites are Retail Me Not and Coupon Cabin

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  • Shop off-season. Think summer in January! Online stores like Athleta need to sell last year’s swimsuits and sandals to make room for this year’s beach wear. Wait another month or two and all those winter jackets and boots will take a serious price dive. Retailers frequently change their inventory, creating opportunities to pick up last season’s hot items at a discount.

  • Shop for last season’s edition of a favorite item. You can’t go wrong when you stay with the classics! So why not pick up last year’s version and get a great deal? Check out online discount retailers such as Sierra Trading Post who specialize in bringing you excess inventory at great prices.
  • Price check before you purchase. The internet and smartphones have revolutionized how we shop and online shopping tools such as My Simon can help you find a better price on that coveted item.
  • Join a favorite store’s customer loyalty program. Most retailers realize the benefit of repeat business, and they want yours! A customer loyalty program offer its members exclusive benefits ranging from “members only” coupons and special sales, to cash back on purchases to free shipping of online orders. Shop Target? The Target REDCard gives you a “little extra” each time you use it.

Is saving money your 2012 New Year’s Resolution? Then stay tuned for more money saving tips and ideas. That’s OUR New Year’s Resolution to you!

What’s your New Year’s Resolution? Tell us how you want to save in the coming months! Let us know in the Comments section below.

Please Retail-Me-Not!

Retail Me What?       Retail-Me-Not!

Do you hate paying retail for anything? But what are you to do when the item you want is not on sale? And you don’t have a manufacturer’s coupon? Search on-line for possible coupon codes! How do you do that?

Retail-Me-Not to the rescue!

What is Retail-Me-Not? It is one of several coupon search websites offering you a very real opportunity for additional savings off your purchases. I frequent the Retail-Me-Not website several times a week checking for coupons I can use at my favorite on-line shopping sites as well as for local coupons that I can use in my brick-and-mortar shopping.

What specific coupons can you find at Retail-Me-Not? LOTS! At current posting, Retail-Me-Not gather coupons for 130,000 different retailers. The odds are, you will find your favorite on-line store here. So why not try it out? You’ve got nothing to loose, and savings to gain, from joining the Retail-Me-Not family.

Let’s get started using Retail-Me-Not and get you on the road to greater savings. First, load the Retail-Me-Not home page:

Link to Retail-Me-Not

Then decide what store you want to search for. There are two main ways I use Retail-Me-Not:

  • Specific store coupon searching: whether on-line or a local brick-and-mortar store, I use the Retail-Me-Not website to find coupons for my pending purchase.
  • Surprise me: by browsing the website for who might be offering special deals right now. The front page’s “TODAY’S TOP DEALS” postings is a great place to start.

Now let’s go find a coupon! Retail-Me-Not offers three coupon search categories:

  1. Coupon Codes. These are coupons you “clip and paste”  into an on-line store’s check-out screen, before you check out.
  2. Printable Coupons. These coupons are exactly that … printable … so you may take them to your local stores.
  3. Grocery Coupons. A variety of grocery coupons, again, printable for use at a local retailer.

How do you find that coupon on Retail-Me-Not? Lets say you want to purchase a jacket from Lands End. Type Lands’ End into the search space in the upper right corner of the main page. This will give you a list of “Lands’ End” options. Click on the Lands’ End icon, and off you go to a page of coupon offerings for Lands’ End. In this particular search, I came up with a 25% off everything coupon as well as a one-day sale of $16.50 for Polos, and free shipping!

Now all you need to do is click the coupon that applies to you. If it is an on-line coupon, you will be re-directed to the website, and the coupon code is usually “found” already placed into the on-line check-out basket for you. Now shop away! How great is that! Your $100 Lands End jacket just dropped to $75, and free shipping too!

How do you complete your online purchase with a Retail-Me-Not coupon code? Somewhere in the check out process, you should see a “coupon code” space. If your Retail-Me-Not coupon code is valid, it should be listed in this space.

A few more tips on Coupon Codes:

  • Retail-Me-Not splits it coupons into two groups: Active, and Unreliable. This is your gauge as to how likely you too will be successful with this particular code. You will typically use the Active coupons.
  • Using Unreliable coupons: My mantra, though, is even if the code is a low percentage of success, I might still try it. Although rare, I have had success on a coupon code that reported less than 50% success rate.
  • In most cases, the Active coupon code link works. However, I also copy the coupon code, just in case it doesn’t load in the website. This way I can add the code myself.
  • Sometimes the codes do not work. This could be because the code is expired. Try it again. If it doesn’t work, then dump it and try another code, if available.
  • Sometimes more than one code is available. Why not try both! Some sites will let you “double dip” your coupons, adding even more to your savings.
  • And if you do find a code that does not work, consider helping everyone, including the people at Retail-Me-Not, and report your success (or lack of) rate.

Last but not least: if you find a coupon you like, SHARE it with a friend through the easy “Share the love” link.

Don’t forget to sign up for the Retail-Me-Not newsletter and be ready to receive coupon offers right to your e-mail!

So tell me, how do you use Retail-Me-Not?

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