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Got Wine? WTSO!

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Are you an oenophile? Do you enjoy a glass of wine? Like giving the gift of wine? If you answered YES to any of these questions, then you need WTSO!

WTSO what? WTSO is short for WinesTilSoldOut, an online fine wine retailer. But WTSO is so much more than “just” an online wine retailer. Their motto says it all: “Fine Wines. Great Prices. One Deal at a Time. Wines EVERYDAY at 30% – 70% off.” Sounds like an oenophile’s dream, huh!



First, membership is free and you know how we love our free stuff.

Second, the deals, of course! Why pay retail when you can get it for less?

Third, buying wine is easy at WTSO. WTSO sells ONLY wine, and you guessed it, only ONE vintage at a time. Just one bottle to decide if it’s the one for you.

How do you get the deals at WTSO? Start with signing up for a WTSO membership. It doesn’t cost you anything and in return you will receive an e-mail notification when a new deal is posted on the WTSO website. It’s just that simple to begin saving more on your wine purchases.

Here are a few of the finer details when considering a WTSO wine deal:

  • Only one wine deal at a time. When it’s gone, it’s gone. Time to move on to the next deal.
  • If you like the offer, grab it. Again, once it’s gone, it’s gone.
  • Wine offers begin at midnight, eastern standard time, seven days a week, and are available until sold out. But don’t worry: a new wine deal will replace the sold out deal.
  • At 11:59pm, that day’s deal is over! Not all bad: Goodbye old wine deal, hello new wine deal! The clock restarts at 12:00 midnight.
  • There is a maximum of three cases (36 bottles) per order. WTSO likes to let everybody in on a deal!
  • You don’t need to be on the e-mailer to take part in any WTSO deal; it just helps you know when the deal is on, so you don’t miss it.
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Shipping: Shipping fees can increase the per/bottle price, right? Then don’t pay shipping by purchasing the minimum “free-ship” quantity. Each wine deal has a minimum bottle order of typically between three and six bottles to receive free shipping. A few other tidbits on shipping:

  • WTSO currently ships to 39 states. If your state isn’t on the list, check back later as WTSO continues to receive licenses for other states.
  • WTSO shipments include insurance so you are protected from loss or breakage in transit.
  • Wines usually ship in 2-5 days from purchase.
  • Don’t forget: due to state and federal regulations, someone at least 21 years of age must be available to sign for any wine delivery. It’s the law.
  • Concerned about shipping because it’s too cold/hot? Again, no worries! Add “Hold until I release” in the Comments section at check out and WTSO  will store your wine in their temperature controlled warehouse until you are ready for shipment.

Need a Last Minute Gift? So you waited until the last minute to pick up a gift for your best friend’s party. Don’t whine now! A WTSO Gift Certificate can wrap up your gift in just a few clicks of the keyboard. No membership required to use a gift certificate, but once your friend sees these prices, she’s going to thank you!

Image by AForestFrolic

It’s a Marathon! A what? That’s right, a marathon of wine deals. WTSO randomly offers a marathon of bargain basement priced wines, their version of house-cleaning. One week prior to a marathon, an e-mail notification will be sent to WTSO members. A second e-mail will be sent at the start of the marathon. Then it’s off to the races! It might be a sprint to score some of these deals!

So when is the next marathon? You are in luck, my oenophile friend! The next one is about to start:



Mark your calendars now! WTSO’s marathon event, Cheapskate Wednesday Sale, is almost here and you don’t want to miss this sale! Starting at 6:00am est, a new “best price” wine deal will be posted every 15 minutes. You gotta love that!

Need a reminder? Follow me on Twitter, @lgdealstoday, where I will tweet reminders of Cheapskate Wednesday.

How will you know if you are getting the best deal at WTSO? Know what you are buying and the fair market price for it. Not the best versed in choosing wine? Then use Google or a wine-search website to help you make an informed purchase. These three favorite sites provide wine price lists, places sold, and wine-specific details to help refine your decision:

  • Wine-Searcher.com: Wine-Searcher’s database is quite extensive, with over 32,000 wine stores and more than 5 million wines.
  • WineZap.com: WineZap focuses on U.S. wine retailers. Their easy search options help you find the right wine for the right price at the right location.
  • vinopedia.com: Vinopedia searches wines all over the world. Like to search wine details online? Then check out vinopedia’s browser plug-in.

Want access to “Wine Deals on the Go?” Never want to miss that great wine deal again? Then download the convenient WTSO for iPhone app or the WTSO Android app and keep on top of the latest wine deals.

Customer Service: If there is a chink in WTSO’s armor, it would be with Customer Service. They run a low-overhead operation in order to provide you with these deeply discounted wine deals. They do not routinely answer phones for either customer orders or issues. All orders are placed via their website, and if you have an issue, WTSO strongly suggests you contact them by e-mail. Fortunately, they seem to run a pretty smooth operation!

Are you or someone you know an oenophile? Are you looking for a great wine deal? Have you used WTSO before? Let us know your thoughts on WTSO in the Comments Section below.

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